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Rakeback: 30% loyalty
Bonus: 100% up to €100

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Network: Microgaming
License: Malta
Established: 1998
Payment method: Direct to your account
Rake Stats Updated: Daily
Rake calculation method: Contributed
Multitables: 12
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UniBet Poker Review

Unibet Poker is well known within Europe, the poker room boasts a good sized player base that offers frequent and varying ability game play.

The UniBet poker room entered the online poker industry with their home in the 24hPoker network. In 2006 UniBet Poker opted to make the move to the Microgaming Network which meant that they could further improve on their already impressive player base.

Although UniBet Poker resides within the Microgaming Network, UniBet have been given license to extend their poker room and its offering to new players. However, it seems that UniBet Poker is happy to remain as a standard poker room within the network, which may chase players to other Microgaming sites that are looking to improve on player’s experience, while at the virtual poker tables in their poker rooms.

UniBet Poker Bonus and Promotions

It’s hard to think why so many players are willing to join up to the UniBet poker room, because they only offer a €100 first deposit bonus. With the agreement that we have reached, we can offer you the chance to claim 30% UniBet rakeback that you generate while playing on the real money tables. You can just as easily earn your free bankroll without having to generate a minimum number of points.

UniBet Poker does offer a points program where players generate points with each raked hand that they participate in, points range from as little as 0.5 points for a low rake hand up to 1.5 points per hand for higher raking hands.

If you are going to try to progress through the point enabled levels of the poker room, you would be better looking to play at the Euro tables as the points there are generated against the US dollar exchange rate and you can get more points per hand.


Due to the UniBet Poker room operating within the Microgaming Network of sites, the software is the same across the network and there is nothing special about the poker room when you compare it to the other network poker rooms.

Although the sites within the Microgaming network offer the same graphics, game play and members’ base, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your poker experience at the UniBet poker room, far from it.

The experience at UniBet Poker is great, the look of the poker room and the sounds that you hear while playing poker are better than some of the other online poker rooms that boast a good reputation within the market.

Features such as giving players the chance to resize tables to a size that they can define, means that you are able to multi table on the site, increasing the action and hopefully the profits that you see each time you play in the Unibet Poker room.

Game Selection

Game selection at UniBet Poker is as you would expect from a poker room within the Microgaming Network, offering a wide range of game types for you to play.

A quick look at the traffic playing in this online poker room shows that Texas Hold’em Poker games are favoured. With the growth that poker is experiencing, due to more media awareness and television listings, you would expect Texas Hold’em games to be popular, as people start playing poker online and learning the game.

With Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven card stud, Seven card stud Hi-Lo, Five card stud and RAZZ games all waiting for you to fill up the empty seats at an active table, you can find action quickly. From past experience, the ability and skill of some of the players in this poker room shows that they are either new to the game or they are just very poor players.

UniBet Poker Tournaments

UniBet Poker tournaments are frequent, just like most other online poker rooms.

Although this poker room operates a number of tournaments that fall within the freeroll category, their prizes seem to be low value for the time that you invest into trying to win the tournament. Many players register for freeroll tournaments for their chance to win without the risk of losing their money.

A look at the statistics on the UniBet Poker room shows that the site is able to draw upwards of 10,000 active players within the tournament sector of the site at peak times.

As you will see, the tournament sector of this online poker room is very popular with members and with so many players rushing to the site to get into tournament action, can they all be wrong or are you missing out here?


Support at UniBet Poker is based across a number of support methods, with live chat, email assistance and support agents that offer a range of spoken languages, you will be able to get the answers that you want, and within a time period that suits you.

Rakeback is only paid to you if you rake over 100 Euros during a given month. If you do rake less than this during any month, you will not receive any rakeback for that month.

Bonus info:
Minimum Deposit Amount: €15.00
For every US dollar you generate in rake or tournament fees, you earn 10 VIP points.
After registering an account you have 10 days to activate the bonus by logging into the poker software
Bonus expires after 60 days from the date of activation.
You can see how quickly your VIP points add up in 'My Page' in the Poker lobby.

Microgaming Network software is seen across the planet and is referred to as the norm, nothing special about the sites when you compare them between the other network offerings. Although the sites within the network offer the same graphics, game play and members base, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your poker experience at the site, far from that. The experience on the site is great and the look of the sites and the sounds that you hear while playing are better then some of the other online poker networks that boast a large reputation within the other markets. Features such as giving the players the chance to resize tables to a size that they define means that you are able to multi table on the site also, increasing the action and hopefully the profits that you see each time you play.

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